Caring for your furniture

With the purchase of your new piece of furniture, we have a few recommendations to help keep it as beautiful as the day you bought it. Find below some simple tips for:

  • Fabric Care
  • Leather Care
  • Wood Care

For additional information and more specific instructions, don't hesitate to reach out!

Fabric Care

  • Vacuum the surface of your furniture regularly, including the deck under the cushions, with the upholstery attachments of your vacuum cleaner.
  • Direct sunlight can cause the fabrics to fade. Care should be taken to limit the amount of direct sun on any piece of furniture.
  • Loose cushions should be flipped and rotated frequently to minimize soiling and add to the longevity of your upholstery.
  • All spills should be cleaned immediately, start by blotting the spill using a clean, absorbent cloth. If stain remains, please follow the care instructions below according to the type of fabric on your upholstery.
  • To successfully clean fabric, it is important to determine the type of fabric and the recommended cleaning code. Always pretest an incospicuous area of the upholstery before spot cleaning.
  • For additional information and instructions regarding your cleaning code, contact your design consultant.

Leather Care

  • A monthly wiping with a warm and gently damp clean cloth will prevent your body oils and dust from creating a buildup. As easy as it sounds, this maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your leather furniture.
  • Do not use saddle soaps, oils, abrasive cleaners, soaps, furniture polish, varnish or ammonia based products. The leather has already been permanently preserved in the tanning process and needs no maintenance other than the simple cleaning recommended.
  • In case of a deep cleaning or conditioning, you should use leather specific cleaners and conditioners. These products are specially designed for this purpose and will not affect the structure of the leather. 
  • For specific care instructions on your leather, contact your design consultant.

Wood Care

  • In general, caring for your wood furniture is as easy as light dusting, occasionally wiping it with a slightly dampened soft cloth, and protecting it from damaging extremes.
  • Avoid exposing your furniture to extreme temperature changes.
  • Objects should be lifted rather than dragged across a finished surface.
  • Placemats, coasters and/or table pads are recommended to extend the longevity of your finish and furniture.

Additional care tips

  • We recommend fluffing and rotating seat cushions on your sofa, sectional or other upholstery to maintain shape and wear evenly.
  • Felt pads under the legs and feet of furniture and accessories are always a good idea to prevent scratches on floor or other surfaces.

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