Dine in Perfect Balance

The perfect balance between delicious food and drink, contagious laughter, great conversation and not least the comfortable chairs which are made for memorable moments to last even longer.

Our dining chairs have a flexible seat and back, offering a variety of positions for increased comfort. This comfort enables you to maximize your quality time with friends and family.

Cool & Relaxed

If you have ever owned a truly comfortable recliner, you know that it quickly becomes the most popular piece of furniture in your home. It's where you retreat after a long day at work or spend that well-deserved lazy morning. It is where you read, watch TV, chat and even put in some home-office hours. With that in mind, it is good to know that a Stressless®recliner adapts to your body and moves with you, taking care of your body’s need for natural motion.

The high-back recliner is perfect for precious moments of complete relaxation. With a wide range of patented features, this recliner offers you ultimate comfort. You can choose between manual and motorized high-back recliners.

Next Level Comfort

Our furniture loves movement and strives for the optimal balance between softness and support. That’s why recharging in Stressless®furniture feels different – it speaks the same language as your body.

Your interior design has an impact on your sense of well-being, and on the mood of those around you. Whether it be playful, elegant or bold, there is a Stressless®design that fits right into the atmosphere you want to create. In addition, all Stressless®furniture can be customized to your choice of materials, colors and details.

Home Office

All of our recliners can be used as home office chairs. The high back models turn into an exclusive, comfortable work base that marries style with the many functions only found in a true Stressless®recliner. The supreme neck support allows you to lie back and rest your head when the e-mails pile up.

Today, many of us experience a more fluid definition of work and where it takes place. Whether you have a dedicated room or reserve a nook in the dining room for your home office, it’s important to stay comfortable. A well-designed chair that actively encourages movement quickly becomes a necessity.

  • Comfort Features

    For more than 50 years, Stressless has developed comfortable design and features based on human anatomy and people's everyday lives. This has contributed to a large number of patents that have repeatedly set the agenda for the category.

  • Norwegian Design

    Norwegian design is defined by the same sense of functionality and quality materials as the broader Nordic design tradition, but along the fjords, our aesthetic sensibility is strongly influenced by the magnificence of nature.

  • Craftsmanship

    The sense of care that lies in the hands of our employees is based on generations of knowledge about furniture and on a culture which, for five decades, has been carried by solid principles for the design and processing of materials.

Experience Pure Comfort.